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if your wondering what the hell is this site all about !?@#$?, Well simply it is a site that I have that I put down all local made websites by people from Aruba or around here. The site shouldn't something commercial but something like a homepage that is maybe about yourself or a hobby or a sport or a local band. Anything that is kind of original!!! So that's why I'm stressing for it not to be a commercial site (ex.!

This website used to be in papiamento but since it is reaching a lot of non-papiamento speaking persons I decided to put in englsih so that we all can be happy! hehe:)

Also this site is being produced here in Aruba self.

For any other information that you didn't get at this page you can use the contact me page to ask me anything. Remember to fill in your email if you would like to be contacted back!

Anyway hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did bringing it up for you all!





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